Mountain States Plastics


Elevate the performance of your irrigation system with our exceptional tubing solutions. At Mountain States Plastics, we take pride in offering irrigation tubing that goes beyond mere functionality; it represents the cornerstone of efficient water distribution for flourishing crops and picturesque landscapes. Our tubing is a durable and precision-crafted product designed to minimize wastage and maximize yield by ensuring every drop of water reaches its intended destination.

Our tubing is not only strong but also versatile, blending form and function to suit various agricultural and landscaping needs. It’s suitable for large-scale farming operations and family farms, catering to both experienced farmers and homeowners who desire vibrant greenery. This versatile tubing solution ensures your dreams are realized.

We offer efficient tubing for farming, enhancing aesthetic appeal and efficiency. Their sleek design allows for focus on surroundings without unsightly pipes. We are not just providing tubing; we are a partner in greener, more prosperous futures. Choose Mountain States Plastics for quality, reliability, and eco-friendly irrigation solutions, ensuring a prosperous journey.


poly tube in farm