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Discover the global impact of Mountain States Plastics’ quality products, widely chosen across industries for unmatched reliability and durability

Welcome to Mountain States Plastics, where we take immense pride in being your premier source for custom plastic solutions in Colorado. Our extensive product range includes custom plastic products, poly wrap designed to protect ductile iron pipes and custom-printed polyethene plastic bags. We’re more than just a supplier; we’re your partner in finding top-quality plastic solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our custom plastic products are designed to meet your specific needs, including precision-moulded components and unique packaging solutions. We work closely with clients to ensure they meet your unique requirements. Our poly wrap for ductile iron pipes extends pipe lifespan and reduces corrosion risk, ensuring long-term infrastructure integrity.

Our custom-printed polyethene plastic bags promote your brand and serve as practical, environmentally friendly packaging. Mountain States Plastics is renowned for its commitment to quality, using advanced technology and manufacturing processes. We offer customizable solutions, competitive prices, and fast order turnaround. We also prioritize environmental responsibility, using eco-friendly materials.